Becoming a wow gladiator is not easy; it takes time, patience, an understanding of every class, situation awareness, and strong teamwork. None of this is possible unless you spend hundreds of hours in the game working on your class and strategies. Then once you master your own class, you need to figure out the inner workings of all the others or else you’ll get shredded pretty quickly in arenas. Arena Masters the world over agree that the best way to get gladiator is to learn from another gladiator.

Usually that’s where the quest for becoming a gladiator ends for wow players. They try to learn from gladiators but the people they speak with don’t have the time or the energy to truly tutor and give personal advice. Thankfully, the guys over at Arena Pwnage came up with an awesome tutorial as well as offering personal advice to wouldbe gladiators.

I am a gladiator myself, and a very unusual one at that. I’m a Season 6 Protection Warrior Gladiator, one of only a handful in the world. I took a look at Arena Pwnage’s guide and was extremely impressed by their work. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to get their tier 2 weapons or other top end arena items. They cover strategies, addons, techniques, other classes, and everything in between. Then they also provide one on one help should you need it after reading the guide and viewing the tutorials.

I’ve included a link below to my gold blog which also has a link to the arena pwnage site:

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