Trivia questions and games are very well known amid numerous people. Even prior to the arrival of the web, Trivia questions and games made a definite place in the heart of people, with the help of television and books. With the onset of the internet, online Trivia games and questions have become very popular. There are numerous portals are available online, where you can have fun with the thrilling games, analysis your IQ by playing the diverse kinds of quizzes and solve other questions and amuse yourself with the hilarious jokes. Along with the recognition of web, the online Trivia websites are also getting a lot more well-liked. A variety of sites offer such portals, which enables a participant to customize the dissimilar games, to play extraordinary tournaments with the friends etc. who participate in them.

The majority of the online Trivia portals offer points to the people playing the games or solving the questions in accordance to their presentation in the diverse trivia questions. These earned points are mainly used for the intention of cheering the players as they can weigh against their points with the other players from each part of the world.

The online quiz is yet another way to spend some quality time. It is truly a fun while solving the online quiz. It is a great way to learn things other than the usual method of boring schools and colleges. Students love to sit online and solve the online quiz which offers great knowledge and fun at the same time. The sense of competition amid the friends while solving the online quiz also make them more interested in this game.

Prize-Mania is a one of the top innovative growing online sites in UK offering Online Quiz, Trivia questions and puzzles. The visitors can compete against other players in several exciting multiplayer competitions or may individually try out the brain storming quizzes and other online competitions.

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