Who is Helium Investments?

Helium Investment is a revolutionary next generation online financial advisor. They offer a full featured platform helping investors manage their money simpler and cheaper than most financial advisors.

What types of accounts do they offer?

Every type of account to suit your savings goals – including Traditional IRA, Roth IRA, Rollover IRA and unregistered accounts.

How is Helium Investments different than a traditional financial advisor?

Price, Performance and Experience.
Traditional financial advisors come at high price and with this high price comes diminished returns as these fees eat into your savings. Instead Helium Investments offers low cost financial advice combined with an incredible online and mobile experience.

How is Helium Investments different than a traditional savings accounts?

A traditional savings account typically offered as a CD (Certificate of Deposit) that has a low return, can’t be easily redeemed early if you need the funds and doesn’t offer a diverse portfolio. A Helium Investments account will be customized to suit your level of risk which can mean greater returns. Funds are invested in portfolios that contain an optimal mix of Stock and Bond ETF’s that’s a fit for you.

What types of portfolios are offered?

Every investor has a different level comfort and tolerance when it comes to investing. Helium Investments offers risk adjusted portfolios that are suited to different levels of risk. Return is more consistent in the less risky portfolios and return is typically higher but less consistent in the longer term, risker portfolios. These portfolios are weighted between stocks vs bonds and are constructed from low cost Exchange Traded Funds (ETF’s for short) that carry fees as low as 0.04%.

How much does investing with Helium Investments cost?

Lower than the typical financial advisor – they have a very simple pricing structure:

  • Accounts under $10,000 are free
  • Accounts over $10,000 are charged 0.50% /year
  • Accounts over $250,000 are charged 0.40% /year

Compare these fees to the average Mutual Fund fee of 1.17% and you could be saving hundreds of thousands of dollars over your lifetime and in retirement.

What investing philosophy does Helium Investments follow?

They follow an investing philosophy that is garnered from a noble prize winning investment approach that shows over 95% of fund managers do not outperform the market over a 5 year period.

Therefore, they allocate funds to passively managed indexed ETF’s – which means your investments are not bought and sold frequently incurring additional costs. The investments are purchased or sold only when you initiate a transfer or the portfolio manager rebalances your portfolio to stay inline with your investment objectives.

In addition, they take tax savings very seriously through correct account selection and include tax loss harvesting with every account.

Does Helium Investments charge to speak with an investment advisor?

Clients get a free session with an investment advisor every year. They even have online chat.

Will Helium Investments save me money?

Absolutely! Here are some real world examples of the savings verses the average Mutual Fund:

  1. If you want to save for a short term goal, i.e.: saving for a car over the course of 3 years, the difference of $650 (on a $30k car) could be used for your first few month of gas, or that’s new iPhone you’ve been thinking of.
  2. For a medium term goal i.e.: saving for a new house over the course of 7 years the difference of $5,333 could cover some of your closing costs or upgrade the kitchen when you move in.
  3. Retirement savings – After 25 years of depositing $1,000/month into a Helium Investments retirement account there is the possibility of saving an incredible $130,000.

Full featured platform

The user-friendly dashboard allows you to setup goals, review performance over time and automate deposits and withdrawals, among many other things.

Are there mobile apps?

Apps can be found on the App Store and Google Play store. They have the a lot of the features and functionality as the website including singing up for a new account.



How can I open an account?

Go to www.heliuminvestments.com or download the mobile app. It is easy and only takes 10 minutes of your time.

What about moving my account from my financial advisor or institution to Helium Investments?

Yes, entire accounts can be transferred. The cost for this service is free.


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