It’s good you are ready to quit smoking. You may have tried numerous times to quit smoking in the past and repeatedly go back to it. Maybe knowing what chemicals are in the cigarettes you are smoking will give you the help to quit cigarettes that you need in order to stop smoking, and as soon as today even.

Some of the chemicals are; nicotine, carbon monoxide, ammonia, hydrogen cyanide, formaldehyde, methane, arsenic, cadmium and butane. How scary is that?

Typically smokers are aware of the reasons to quit, but don’t read the frightening health and mortality statistics hoping they will go unscathed by their decision to smoke. Smoking cigarettes can cause cancers, heart disease and death in anyone, as cigarettes don’t discriminate.

There is help to quit cigarettes with many different methods. You can try cold turkey, but that’s very, very difficult and you must be able to face it head on and be very strong. You can also try prescription pills, or nicotine gum, or even nicotine patches. Hypnosis is the easiest option and works fast. With hypnosis you can avoid the nicotine cravings that go along with the withdrawal symptoms.

Thinking about some of the benefits of quitting is helpful as well. Most likely the first health condition of smoking that enters your mind is lung cancer and lung related diseases. Your risk of getting lung cancer or other lung diseases can be reduced when you quit smoking. So it’s not a certainty that you will get lung cancer, especially if you quit.

Each day you continue to smoke cigarettes, you are increasing your risk of dying before your time. Now that you are ready to quit, you’ve conquered the majority of the process of quitting, forever. Your mind tells you to smoke and your mind can give you help to quit cigarettes instead of giving into them as well.

Source by Bailey Kirkfield