There are well over 30 gentlemen’s or as some same strip clubs in Las Vegas. Many of which are located on or near the famous Las Vegas Strip. Some of these establishments are upscale and offer the finest in adult entertainment while other clubs may not be to your desire.

This article is to inform you, what I refer to as the upscale gentlemen’s clubs of Las Vegas. These are places offer the finest in luxury adult entertainment. Las Vegas like any other town has its share of dive strip clubs. These topless dives are small, usually one bar and one stage. There may be about a dozen or so dancers. Some dancers look nice and some dancers look like their dancing days are long over. You probably have a place just like this in your town. What Las Vegas does have that your town may not is large luxurious gentlemen’s clubs that are as glamorous and upscale as a high end casino.

These places are mainly for the tourists. I don’t mean any tourist I am referring to the tourist who comes to town with loads of cash and wants to experience Las Vegas to its finest. The upscale gentlemen’s clubs require lots of cash to fully enjoy all the amenities. Cover charges are usually in the $30 range and drink prices and privates dances are very expensive as well. But the scenery is tremendous and the women are probably the finest group of women you may ever see. Many of these clubs have up to 400 dancers on a busy night. Some of these clubs are over 25,000 square feet and have the finest décor imaginable.

With luxury being the main theme expect to pay high prices but be treated like a king. Many of the high end clubs have an adjoining steak house or fine restaurant. You only live once and if you are in Las Vegas you shall make the most of it. Many of the dancers are some of the most attractive and erotic women you will ever see. They are also experienced dancers that know how entertain and put on a show you shall never forget.

Warning, before visiting any of the strip clubs in Las Vegas, you should research each one individually. Some places are famous for ripping off tourist. This is done by double or triple billing and offering lousy service. Never ask a cab driver to refer you to a strip club. They will take you to where they get paid by the owner to bring you. It’s true, cab driver get a kickback from some of the clubs to bring you in. These places usually are a total rip off so beware. Do you homework and research the clubs before you go there. They are many fine gentlemen’s clubs in Las Vegas.

Source by Darcy Edwards