As a medical professional, you know how important making sure that you and your staff is correctly up to date on HIPPA training. This is not only important, but it is required by law, and the HIPPA act, which covers a vast majority of information, including insurance details and patient privacy information.

While you certainly know how important staying up to date is for your medical practice, have you considered your answering service or call center? This could be easy to overlook, but it is equally important. After all, the operators at your answering service could have access to sensitive patient information or they may have to engage in medical conversations with the patients.

Now that you have started thinking about how HIPPA training affects your answering service as well as your office or business, you must take a moment to think about the answering service that you are currently using. Is your service a medical answering service or just a standard call center? For someone who runs a medical business, this is extremely important.

While a regular call center will offer operators to answer the phone when your business is closed for the night, the weekend, or the holidays, they will not have specialty medical call center training and they will not have HIPPA training. It is extremely important to make sure that your answering service is a medical call center, not only for the good of your patients, but also to make sure that your business is within the law.

In addition, you need to make sure that your answering service provides all HIPPA trained in order to protect your patients. It is not only about staying within the law. HIPPA trained operators will know how to handle sensitive patient information, and you will be able to rest assured knowing that your patients’ private data will not inadvertently be leaked.

While you have a great deal of responsibilities as the owner of a medical practice, you will need to make sure you make the right decisions for your patients when your office is open and when it is not. This means making sure that you choose the right answering service. The service should be specifically tailored to answer and field medical calls, and it should readily guarantee that all of its operators are up to date on HIPPA training. This way, you can provide for your patients and make sure that your practice stays correctly within the law.

Source by Kurt Duncan