When it comes to buying wedding favors many brides set themselves the task of finding the perfect favor to suit each of their guests. Whilst buying individual favors for your guests is not recommended, it can be a nice idea to buy his & hers wedding favors instead.

A set of pink rose soaps is unlikely to appeal to your male guests, whilst a personalized golf ball & tee set is unlikely to appeal to you female guests. And, whilst there are many unisex wedding favors out there, finding something that will appeal to all is usually determined by edible wedding favors, rather than personalized keepsakes.

Here are a few ideas for his & hers wedding favors:

Scented candles
Scented soaps
Plant-able wedding favors
Fairytale themed favors
Bud vases
Kitchen utensil style favors e.g. whisk, spoons, timers
Measuring tapes
Candle holders
Anything floral
Anything with hearts
Scented sachets
Recipes, poems
Anything pink!

Golf balls
Shot glasses
Bottles of hot sauce
Bottles of liquor
Casino favors
Fun favors
Bottle stoppers
Wine pourers
Cheese knives
Pizza cutters
Simple, non-themed items such as photo frames, glass coasters
Sports themed items
Luggage tags

Ok, so some of the things on those lists may cross over, she may like some of the things on his list & vice versa. So with that in mind here is a list of possible unisex wedding favors to consider:

Non-scented candles
Bottle stoppers
Photo frames (un-themed)
Simple decorative items
Sachets of tea or coffee
Book marks
Personalized matchbooks
His & hers napkin rings

Choosing wedding favors can be difficult at the best of times, your choices should be based on the style or theme of your wedding & your own personal tastes. But choosing wedding favors on a his & hers basis adds an extra special touch & shows your guests that you have given some extra thought to choosing them.

You don’t need to have a large budget to pull this off; most wedding favors are within the same price range. Shop around for price discounts based on the total spend rather than quantity discounts for one particular item.

Ideas for his & hers wedding favors could be:

Tea light holders – simple chrome style for him; heart shaped chrome holder for her.

Photograph frames/place card holders – simple rectangular for him; heart or oval shaped for her.

Plants – mini cactus or tobacco plant for him; violet, miniature rose or gerbera for her.

There is a wealth of choice when it comes to wedding favors, so you should have little trouble in separating them into his & hers favors. Your only difficulty will come with making the final decision! Just remember, one of the golden rules with wedding favors is that they have to coordinate with your overall wedding ‘look’. So pick things that you can then package up in favor boxes or bags, which are in your wedding colors to add the final finishing touches to your reception tables.

Source by Mae Andrea