If you are wanting to start your own home based greeting card business then ever you will want to set up your own office to work out of instead of working from your kitchen table with the many distractions that come about during the day.

Remember, you do not have to do all of these tips the first day you open for business. These are just some guidelines when starting a greeting card business. You will find by using some of these tips that your productivity will go up and therefore cause your income to go up as well.

A computer and an Internet connection is a must to start greeting card business in my opinion. You can use a Mac or a PC if you like. Most of the software programs that you might want to use to grow your business use are made for PC so if you have a Mac then you will need a Windows emulator.

Now, if you do not happen to have a computer, you do not have to rush out and buy some high-end model just to make money with greeting cards. Without you were a graphic designer then I would say do not go blow your money. Most programs can run on computers that are a couple of years old.

Most people find having a well organized office that is comfortable helping them get more work done. Make sure that you get yourself a comfortable chair to sit in since you will be creating greeting cards on your computer.

Some greeting card entrepreneurs will even add a small fridge in their office so they can just reach over to grab a snack or a drink. This way they can stay focused on what they are doing at the moment. Now, that is totally up to you because you will need to take a break at times so running to the kitchen can be a time to just relax a minute and get your mind off of your task for a bit.

Sometimes I can go for hours and not look up from what I am doing which is a good and bad thing. You want to provide your body and mind with what it needs to perform so taking time out to eat and drink is something you will need to keep in mind.

Either write down your goals in the form of a to-do list or what I like to do is use mind mapping to help me visualize what I need to get done. If you do not know what mind mapping is then Google the term and you will see what I mean. I am very picture oriented so this has done wonders for my home based greeting card business.

Having music playing while your working helps some people get more done as well. Certain types of music helps cultivate creativity.

This next tip is something that is a personal struggle for myself but doing tasks that do not make you money. Sometimes, I have to catch myself doing busy work? And kidding myself that doing things like checking my email every five minutes makes me money.

Make sure that if you are setting time aside to work your home based greeting card business that you are doing things to make money and not trivial items that steal your time. Finding new customers and maintaining the ones that you have is the greatest use of your time. Stay focused on that and you and your family will be extremely happy with the outcome.

I hope this article has given you some tips for starting a greeting card business from home. If you would like to take a free ecourse on starting a greeting card business then see below for details.

Source by David Dutton