The discovery of the telephone marked an interesting new era in the field of communication. You can get in touch with loved ones anywhere in the world using a telephone. This instrument has found a place for itself in every home and office. What if a telephone can make your home look beautiful? The idea amuses you, isn’t it? Then, all you need to do is to pick any one of the decorative phones available in the market today. These decorative phones go well with any interior décor and add more appeal to your aesthetic sense.

You can select from a wide range of decorative phones available at Tupelo Super Store that can perfectly suit your need and budget. Porcelain phones are nostalgic pieces that are elegant and attractive. These antique phones are available in black, white, rose; blue and white; red and white, and royal blue. With gold accents plated on the handset, keypad, and base, these decorative phones sport a rich look. These antique phones feature a push-button dialing that needs a special mention here.

If it is novelty that you are looking for in phones, then Tupelo Super Store is the right place. You will find an interesting collection of novelty telephones. The “Harley-Davidson Fat Boy 2003” is a motorcycle telephone with hearing aid compatibility to help the challenged. Your kid would like to see the flashing headlight, whenever the motorcycle telephone rings. The “Locomotive Train Phone” is another eye-catchy piece! It has an electronic push button for dialing. Can you guess what could be the handset in this train phone? If your answer is the top of the train, you’re absolutely right!

Wall mountable Golden Eagle neon telephones from Tupelo Super Store have neon in base that flashes during an incoming call. They are available in many attractive colors for you to choose from. These phones can store ten numbers of up to 16 digits. Wood telephones are antique items. They are made from real wood, mahogany or oak, with brass-plated hardware. Classic pieces as they are, these telephone perfectly blend in to match your furniture sets at home or office.

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