Joining a home based business in the 21st century can be a very difficult task to complete.
There are thousands of different businesses to choose from, how do you know what will work, who's trying to scam you and who is the real deal. I have been in over 20 different home based business opportunities over the last 5 years. I jumped from company to company trying to find the right one that fits me and my needs. Most of the companies out there work very well, but in my opinion, it just takes too long to make a significant income. I was fed up with corporate America and I wanted out.

The Key to making your home based business work, is finding one with a built in sales and marketing system with a call center included. This allows the new comer who is not ready, to start marketing his / her self to quickly take advantage of the top income earners, and let them take care of all the calling and explaining while you learn how to become a leader and master marketer .

Other things that boost your chances for success are:

-Turn-key marketing solutions where you can just plug in and start advertising.

These take a little more time to see result sometimes, but it gives you the free time to learn how to market on your own, while still having some type of exposure out there.

-Online and offline marketing:

This allows you to maximize your exposure. You can establish a presence online and offline, which most people wont do. Most people are lazy, so they will just stay with the plug in play advertising. IF YOU MAXIMIZE BOTH, you will fly past your competition.

-Must have daily training, company wide, and smaller team training:

This keeps you plugged into the company and keeps you up to date on what's going on. The smaller team training will help you focus in on the areas you need extra assistance on, with out a big crowd involved

-They must know their conversion Ratios:

They will be able to give you a good explanation on

How many visitors = leads, and

How many leads = sales.

That is very good information to know. Knowing that information allows you to be in a position to do your due diligence on what to expect, and keeps your frustration levels down

Once you find your perfect turn-key marketing and sales system, you should follow some of these tips.

-Always set your goals in 90 day increments. That way you give what ever advertising medium you take, sufficient time to circulate and drip on the customers

-When you decide to start learning your own marketing, break down your goals into daily and weekly tasks. Do not overwhelm yourself; Focus on one or two major advertising methods at a time.


Mon- Complete 5 classified ads and submit them / 5 forum posts

Tue- Email 50 new people with social networks

Wen- Start direct mail campaign

These simple tasks will keep you very organized and on track. Keep that same plan up for 90 days and you will see some incredible results.

By picking a Home Based Business with a Turn-Key Sales and Marketing System, in addition to following some of the tips above will put you hundred are steps in front of your competition.

Source by Eddie Russell