There are many ways to make money online, but the major requires money to start. If you are looking to make money online quickly and easily, you probably do not have the money to spend on internet marketing for your company right off the bat. However, there are ways to make money online without spending any. So the next time you ask yourself, "How can I make money online easy," you can think of this article and try out some of the tips.

Article Marketing

It is possible to market your business online without spending money. One major way to do so is article marketing. This involves writing an article about something related to your business's product or service. It should be informative and entertaining, so that the reader will not only want to keep reading your articles, but will also take away some knowledge of the product or service by the end of the article. This all sounds well and good, but you are probably wondering how you can make money from this. At the end of the article, and sometimes within it, you will put links to your website. If your reader is interested enough in the product or service they just read about, they will probably click on the links back to your site, even if they are just curious about the author or how the product works. As a business owner, you know that the more traffic to your site, the more sales you will make. You simply need to write articles and post them on article marketing sites that allow you to post for free.

Forum Marketing

Another free way to promote your site is forum marketing, as forums abound on the internet and are free to join. You can either talk up your business on the forum, or simply add a signature with your business name and a link to your site that will show up on each of your posts. The more you just post, or chat casually on this forum with others, the more visibility your site will have. You do not want to come off as just being there for the free advertising, so try to actually add to discussions rather than spam them with your site link. You never know, you may actually find a forum that you look everyday just for fun, which makes the free advertising icing on the cake.

The next time you find yourself asking, "How can I make money online easy," you should remember this article and be able to answer your own question.

Source by Brian McCoy