Are you always upset because your bank balance is close to nothing? Have you always had to give up on outings, that new pair of shoes and cut up your magic cards because you’re just too broke to afford them? Living with the recession can be quite painful financially and it’s no fun to always be cautious and think not just twice but a million times before spending money on something. So, if you’re always broke it’s time to make a little extra pocket money without leaving home, learn how to make money using the internet.

Don’t bother with gambling, multi level marketing and other small time jobs that take forever to bring in small sums of money, what you need is to learn how affiliate marketing works and use it to your advantage. Although it sounds like a big wham that might be too difficult to master, it’s actually not. Don’t do things the long and hard way but look for shortcuts. Professional affiliate marketers have got a step by step guide that they follow to help them through the system every day, it works in seven simple steps.

1. Get your market, they should be a large group of people who share a common problem and need a solution.

2. Don’t go for common situations but make it a ‘niche’ market which is a smaller part of a large market.

3. Look for products available that will solve the problem. This would require a lot of research but when you’ve got the problem, the solution would be easy to look up.

4. Learn how to become an affiliate for the product and be dedicated to make it your business.

5. Create a website that is user friendly to advertise the product then advertize the website.

6. Get your targeted market to view your site, do this by spreading your site through articles, links, and advertisements and so on.

7. Wait for people to invest in your product and you would make up to 75% commission from each sale.

It sounds like quite a bit of work, but once you get the hang of it you’ll see how simple the job really is, the only thing that is really required here is patience and time. You have to be dedicated towards the job and be a reliable seller. When you’re working with your website, allow customers to ask questions and provide them with answers at a quick turnaround time, you should be readily available to answer questions and provide them with sufficient information.

In addition to that, don’t be in a rush to get a kick start on the business, make sure you thoroughly complete the first two steps first before doing anything else. They’re the most vital and if you make compromises within those two steps you’d be risking a large part of the business. Pick your market wisely and make sure it’s one that’s not so common but has a good problem, then the higher the demand becomes to more you’ll sell. The more you sell the larger sum of money you’d make.

Source by Marcus Blalock