Anyone who desires to provide facilities for gambling, or to manufacture, supply, install, repair or adapt a gaming machine or gambling software is required to hold a license authorizing the specific activity to be underaken. "Gambling Act 2005

If you wish to provide facilities for gaming in the UK you will require a license. There are three categories of license (operating, personal and promises) – your business may need all three kinds. Operating licenses and personal licenses, are issued by the Gambling Commission and awards licenses are issued by your local authority.

What are the licenses?

Operating Licenses – if you wish to provide facilities for gambling you will require an operating license.

Personal Licenses

There are two types of personal licenses:
· Personal Management License – required by all persons who occupy a specified management position.
· Personal Functional License – required by those individuals who work within a casino at staff level eg a dealer, cashier, pit boss etc

To apply for a license you should visit the The Gambling Commission's website at []

What are the costs?

There are two types of fee payable for operating licenses – a one off application fee and an annual fee payable within 30 days of your license being issued:
1. Application Fee for a new casino up to £ 40,000
2. Annual Fee for a new casino up to £ 102,000

There are two types of fee payable for personal licenses:
1. Personal Management License £ 330
2. Personal Functional License £ 165

When should I apply for my license?

You should aim to submit your application as soon as possible, and you can not start running your gambling business until you have obtained all the relevant permissions.

Source by Simon Smart