Emotion is something that we humans have brought with use as we have advanced through the ages. In ancient times, it served our ancientors well and came into good use as they went about their daily lives. When invaders approached their cave, or hunting camp, it was their emotions that rallied them together and enabled them to fend off the invaders. Emotion also plays a big part in the perpetuation of the human species. If people as a whole, were devoid of emotion and approached every decision with pure logic, there would be no new children born on the planet and people would soon die out.

Logic is King

One of the tricks to making solid and completely logical decisions in the forex market is to leave ones emotions completely out of the decision making process. Its far easier said then done however, and try as one may, sweat will always seem to pop out somewhere on their body. With all of the complexities and minor factors that have to be taken into account when evaluating world conventions, emotion is that last thing that a person needs to deal with.

How They Work

This is why more and more people are using an automated forex trading system that does all of their decision making for them. The way that these systems work is that they combine data in such a way, as to as accurately as possible determine the direction that world treaties are going to take.

Multiple Factors

Oil Prices, interest rates, inflation figures, GNP figures, employment rates and even climate changes all play a big part in determining the value of a countries currency. Also, there are numerous "sub factors" that can also figure into an equation. By loading a list of factors into an automated forex trading system on any given day, if it is programed properly, it should be able to tell which world contracts to buy or sell.

Source by Samuel Gibsten