The online advertising network is an essential tool of Internet advertising. Internet is being seen as the most feasible advertising medium these days. Its effectiveness depends on the fact that it has comprises of all the essential parties to make promotions. It has advertisers, agencies, publishers and users. This network works to fulfil the demand and supply need of information. It helps in creating awareness and brand promotion with utilizing this need.

The way an online advertising network works, is revealed here in. The Internet users have an inclination to search for information, which may be related to products and services. As gathering information is the most elementary step in buying decision making process. In India alone, there are over 1 billion searches conducted every month by the collective user base that amounts to around 46 million (IAMAI). The search pattern suggests that advertisers need to understand the importance of advertising through Internet. Still there are over 40,000 advertisers that targeted Indian users in 2006 (IAMAI).

So, when the demand of information and comparison is there, advertising is required to supply the same. The advertisers or marketers, devise strategies to create awareness among the target audience or the users looking for such information. Now, online ad agencies come efficient to design and develop these interactive ads. The ads are quite attractive and informative. These agencies also help in publishing the ads like rich media ads, video ads, banner ads, flash video streaming ads etc. When it comes to publishing these ads, publisher website comes in handy.

These publisher websites are judged on various parameters before placing the ads. These parameters are like web analytics, relevance of publisher’s keywords, relevance of content and web space over the portals. In addition to it, the rotation of ads and targeting over the online advertising network is done strategically. Now, when a user require information, he is likely to come across publisher websites, which are placed high on SERP. The user’s demand for information is then satisfied with ads. These ads create brand awareness and a brand image that is helpful in influencing the buyer in decision making process.

Source by Meenakshi Wali