The Forex Market is huge and is a global market with trillions of dollars traded on it 5 days days a week 24 hours a day. This makes it the most profitable market but it also makes it the most volatile. A volatile market makes making money in forex trading easily a misconception.

The sheer size of the forex market can make it hard to predict even for the most experienced traders. There is a wide array of technical analysis available for speculators to make a decision on what they are going to do. Fundamental analysis also plays a part, such things like a country at war or their economy.

Most of the brokers and forex spread betting platforms offer live charting packages which is what you would use to decipher the technical analysis. From the charts you will be able to see an array of past information that reflects trends, support and resistance levels. It is the correct deciphering of this information that will see you making successful decisions in the market.

The software packages that display this information also have technical indicators that are mathematical equivalents of price movements which can show short term and long term trends in the market. The software calculates these indicators with precision it is human error that reads the indicators wrong that effects a successful outlet. This is why more and more people are using forex robots to help.

One of the biggest problems with human intervention in the forex market is human emotion. It is true that most newbies fail in the forex market, the reason is fear of losing money. Many times are traders in a negative balance before they strike the profit level it is holding back the emotion to get out of the trade that differs the pros from the losers.

A forex robot has no such emotion there before there is no risk of it bailing out because it gets sacred of what the outcome might be. It simply crunches data and places the trades with winning scenarios. This is great for a while but most forex robots are back tested on data that has already played out and this is their programming flaw anyway they will hit a snag in this unpredictable market and clear out your account. The best and only way to trade forex is under the influence of a successful professional.

Source by Adam Woods