This is a question asked by many potential representatives of the Avon product line. The potential for making money is always a direct result of the effort and energy you put into selling. In addition, as a network marketing/direct sales company you will make money when you recruit other Avon reps to sell the products.

Avon is known as the company for women. 122 years in business Avon is a household name in the personal care industry. David McConnell, built this company on solid values with a commitment to high ethics and product integrity.

There are several ways to make money selling Avon products. You can earn from 20% to 50% commission or profits on your own personal sales. The % discount you receive on the products is directly related to the volume you personally sell to your customers. For the avid retailer who enjoys having product parties this part of the compensation plan can make a nice side income. Again, the amount earned will be a direct reflection of your personal sales.

You can also qualify to earn commissions on what is called group or team volume. This is calculated be looking at your group volume. As you build your Avon Products business recruiting others into the program, you will be paid a % up to 12 % of your team volume. As people in your group rise in rank your commission will change as they are now qualified for the commission you were receiving, however you will receive an ongoing % of the leaders group volume as a leadership bonus.

Avon also has car bonus for the higher levels within the compensation plan.

IF you have a desire to sell products, recruit friends, family and associates into this company, you can make money selling the products. However, if you don’t have the desire to recruit and sell to your friends, I would continue to look for an opportunity that is online based.

Source by Joshua Valentine