While there are any number of people who regularly maintain their own blog sites as a hobby, it seems that very few people actually make enough money from their blogging activity to qualify it as a legitimate business enterprise. Since that record, however, blogging can be an effective way to make money on a regular basis if you approach it from the right perspective.

That perspective begins with the recognition that your blog will need to be fully monetized to realize its full potential. But even with full monetization, your blog will in most instances only earn you potential $ 100 or so a month – far too little to be considered profitable. This is where multiple blogs come into play – once you have created a successful blog that consistently earns you $ 100 a month or more, you take that same recipe and cook up another blog on a separate topic and repeat the process.

It is easy to see how quickly your monthly revenue stream can grow when you are cloning your successful blogging process. The key things you must master to be able to make this system work are the keyword research necessary to determine what topics you are going to choose for your blogs, and the development of regular content to keep them current (and visitors coming back for more) .

Of course, there is going to come a point in time at which you will be able to maintain the updating of your blogs on your own. At that point, you will want to automate your content blogs by hiring freelance writers to update them for you. The expense involved with purchasing the necessary blog entries to keep your blogs updated will be more than compensated for by the continuous revenue stream you will enjoy.

Source by Brock Hamilton