How Many Times have you heard, you want me to spend my money on your program? Why do you guys always want me to spend my hard earned money on this? Or maybe it is the always popular It cost me what a month I have never paid for a job and I won’t start now! Have you heard this before or am I the only one? Of course you have heard it and it is probably the main objection that keeps you from getting those sales that your sponsors say are so easy. I don’t know about you but as for me these are the two most common along with the ever popular, I will see how you do and if you make good money I will join! If you believe that well maybe you still believe in Santa Clause!

So what is a person to do with these objections? How can you personally overcome these and rise above mediocrity? Because that is what we are really talking about, sorry to be honest with you but that is just how I am. Every day we, that mean’s you also, have to deal with our destructive side that does not want to be positive and put our best foot forward and have the success that is possible. These two questions are really one and the same and it breaks down to the part where the money comes in and they do not want to part with a single penny. They actually believe that it costs them nothing to go to work at their job. This is of course a fallacy and they are really spending their hard earned money and more of it than they think! So how do you overcome this objection? What is the magic bullet? You can take some time and look at the expenditures that they have and break it down that way, like how far they drive to get there and isn’t their time worth anything? You can point out that their transportation is costing them for gas, upkeep and repairs. Another thing is the cost of the clothing that they have to wear because of their job or the stress and strain that they are putting upon their bodies that will cost them health wise. All these are valid points that one should look at when getting a job and also keeping one but they still don’t answer the real question behind the question. So what is the real problem, what makes them tick? OK, here it is, they do not believe that it will work. Down deep inside they are at war with the conventional ideas that they have been brainwashed with since they were knee high to a grasshopper!

They don’t believe in themselves and that is why they will not dare to dream or if they do have the dream they don’t have the get up and go to make it happen. They have been told that they have to work hard to get ahead and save all their money and have a nest egg to fall back upon when they get old so they can retire and live out their days rocking in the rocking chair on the front porch. That is the dream that they have been force-fed and they think that is the good life. And yet when we take a look at what is going on today we see millions of people that have had this dream shattered into a million tiny pieces and they are asking themselves, how am I going to be able to retire and keep my home? Questioning themselves and the system that has been completely obliterated and facing the hard facts that the game has been changed and the rules are different. They can’t rely on the conventional knowledge that has brought them this far because it doesn’t work anymore! Many are bankrupt and out of a job with foreclosure looming over their heads and for millions more the boom has been laid.

I hear you saying OK but what do I do to be successful? That is the million dollar question that every one is now asking today. With the massive lay-offs and job losses being close to 10% we have entered into a very unfamiliar area for most people. Many have lost jobs and along with their income they are late on mortgages and if not in foreclosure they are getting close. It is not a joke and no one is laughing. So we go to the internet and hear them saying that you can make good money if you just follow their program. Have you heard, some guys have a time tested program that some guy made a great amount of money with and now we have packaged it up and you can do the exact program for only $99.98 a month? This is just chump change they say and you buy it and end up with a couple dozen E-Books that you could have found for free on the internet. Guess what they forgot to tell you that you are the chump and yes someone makes money but it is not you.

Why did you fall for the line? Because you may not have been looking out for yourself and saw the money and had an impulse buying moment. Now after you have done this a couple of times you start to get jaded and trust no one and say, This internet stuff is all crap and no one is any good and this is a scam! It is all a scam and why did I think that I could make money on line? In fact there are people that are making quite a good living on the same internet that you say is full of scam artists and charlatans. It is true and you can make good money also! So how do you find the right company and how do you make money on the net with out ripping people off? First off you need to set up some kind of way to tell the good from the bad, the right from the wrong and the company that is going to pay off and not rip you off.

I learned long ago about the “T” close and I think that this thing really works. The story goes something like this; “Every one knows about one of the wisest men in early America, his name was Benjamin Franklin. He was one of the signers of the Declaration of Independence and wrote Poor Richards Almanac among many other accomplishments. Now when Benjamin Franklin wanted to make a decision he would take a blank piece of paper and draw a “T” on it dividing the paper in half. On the left side of the paper he would put the word Yea and on the right he would put the word Nay. Today we would use the words Yes and No respectively. Then he would think of all the reasons for and against the problem or decision that he was facing and list the Yeas and Nays on the paper and would abide with the answer that was evident by the number of Yeas and Nays that were on the paper. If the Yeas were more than the Nays he would do what the Yeas said and conversely if the Nays won he would not do what he was considering. Now this was a closing technique that I used very effectively in the sales business that I was involved with at the time. It flat out works because you can truly form your opinion in such a way.

So now when you come across a business opportunity that seems like a good deal you can use the Benjamin Franklin “T close” upon yourself. Look honestly at the business and make that T upon your blank sheet of paper and list on the left the reasons why it would be a good decision and on the right the reasons that it would be a bad decision and then you will have a basis to make a decision based upon reason. This is just one way to make a decision that just happens to be one of the greatest closes that you can use in the sales business. It is old but reliable.

This article is titled How to answer objections and maybe I have not handled the many objections that we all face in marketing today in fact I may have not even handled the objections that I wrote about in the first few paragraphs. They are; you have heard, you want me to spend my money on your program? Why do you guys always want me to spend my hard earned money on this? Or maybe it is the always popular It cost me what a month I have never paid for a job and I won’t start now! What I say is this it is not really about the money about 90% of the time. Rather than money it is about perceived value, the perceived value of the product that you are peddling. They do not believe you in what you are bringing to them as you give your sales pitch. Why? Perhaps you have come on as to pushy or maybe to wishy-washy. Maybe you have not brought everything together into a point where they can see what you are trying to tell them is beneficial to them.

People are funny that way! What do you do at this point do you keep up the pressure or do you punt? It is 4th and goal and you have the ball, what is your play? This is the point where most give up and settle for less than the perfect. So what is the answer? Have you even thought about what the customer needs and wants? There is some thing lacking in the sales business and that breaks down to a thing called customer service! We all want what we want but when you are dealing with those things called human beings there is some baggage that comes attached. Your job is to find out what kind of baggage it is and to deal with it. Not only that but to deal with it in a way that is good for the customer. It all breaks down to what many people call the Golden Rule which says this; “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you,” In other words if you don’t like it when someone lies to you about a product, service or business opportunity, Don’t lie to them! Even easier you don’t like being ripped off so don’t do it to others! If you say that you are going to do something do it!

Handling objections becomes easy if you are fulfilling your obligation to your customers it just works that way. So in your struggle to make it big in your line of work you will find that when you help those whom you serve as a representative of the business that you own or work for you are really helping yourself. So do the world a favor and try to bring someone along with you.

Rev Steven Potts

Source by Steven Potts