The good thing about putting together your own mini ebook is, that it doesn’t need to be a long ebook with many chapters.

A mini ebook should be a short 7-20 page, to the point and powerful product on one particular topic. You should concentrate on just one method of your subject.

This way your readers will have something to discover and there will still be more for them to find by purchasing your upsell with more information on the subject they are interested in.

So, the main thing to go by here is, to concentrate on one idea of your subject. This way you can write another ebook with more information on the topic at hand.

Writing your own mini ebook shouldn’t take you more then one day or two at the most. That is the sweet part of it.

Before you start writing your mini ebook you should have made enough research to know what you want to write about.

If you would write about acne, ask yourself the questions:

What is acne?

What types of acne are there?

What couses acne?

Are there natural remedies for acne:  

Remedy 1

Remedy 2

Remedy 3

To outline your chapter this is really all you would need. You can change the outline as you prograss in your research and add some more chapters. But the above outline should work for all mini ebooks you create.

Here I have some suggestions for you to identify what your prospects are looking to solve. This will help you to cover the most important topics to have satisfied customers.

The best thing to do is, to type in ‘acne’ into This is a great site to use.

Some people will ask for some medicine for the cure of acne, others will ask if vitamins and minerals can help cure acne.

Most of them will ask for natural remedies to cure acne. This is the easiest and best way to find out where the money is. So, now we also know what topic or subject we will need. For the subject ‘acne’ we would need to create ‘Natural Remedies To Cure Acne’.

Are you an expert in your chosen mini ebook niche? If  not, you need to do some research. Now copy and  paste all the information you can find in your topic into your word processor.

Search for a variety of related keywords in search engines, forums, article directories and wherever you can find information.

Now take all the gathered information and put it in order and re-write it. That way you will fill your chapters and provide a quality mini ebook that will make you a small fortune.

Repeat this process with any niche topic that passes the test of the above and you will soon have a mini ebook empire out there, that will make you more money then you have dreamed of.

Source by Elke Houghton