How to do SEO for a college website

It is very essential to try to rank the college or university blog for a better search engine optimization. The college website needs to optimize as it will result in better content generation and will also generate large traffic and target audience. There are various things which have to be seen and kept in mind in order to develop the ranking of the website. The college website needs to be updated and ranked properly in the most appropriate way. There are some steps which need to be followed for the same.


Keyword Research

The keyword research homework – The most essential step is to search for all the keywords which are the foundations of all the marketing efforts. The keywords are the basic foundation for linking the building efforts, content creation, developing a title tag strategy and so on. The effective keyword strategy needs to be followed in order to develop good content for the website.

One can also search for the keyword suggestion tools using the keyword generator tools of the third party for better keyword ideas or an analysis of the competitor’s website can also be done which is considered a better tactic for growth. Then, one can also mine the data as per the keyword analytics for proven results.

One essential thing which must be kept in mind is that the keyword research should be personalized based on some real data rather than guessing the actual searches. The discovery should be done in a scrutinized manner in order to develop the best channels for content creation which will lead to better search engine optimization.

Below is an image of keyword research for Amity University, Gurgaon.

Title Tags

The next important step is to set up the title tags as these are the critical components for the good and effective SEO. The better positioned keywords will help your degree page in the HTML tags without any query and will give your page a huge boost in the search engine results. The example is shown in the picture below. This is the way of structuring tags. The title tag is always better than the current tag as it helps in removing duplicity and also helps in creating more ranking opportunities related to the same. The two word queries and the three word queries have to be kept in mind while looking at the recommendations. Thus, each page should have its own unique title tag.

Below is a screenshot of Invertis University, Bareily.

GEO Modifiers

The next step is to add some geo modifiers to the degree title tags in order to grab the best opportunity and make a good SEO for the university website. The page content will be able to build some links and it will lead to better content generation.

The irrelevant content should be avoided and taken off to avoid duplicity. The main objective should be to be located in the search results. One should also learn more about the inbound links for the optimization of the college degree and page content in order to get them in the most effective manner.

Below is a screenshot of Chaudhary Charan Singh University, Meerut. This will help you to understand this part better.

SEO Audit

The performance SEO audit should also be performed in order to improve the organic rankings and to understand what has to be done in what manner. It will furthermore help in identifying and prioritising the tactics needed to be arranged. The tactics might involve technical site changes as well which might have to be dealt with the IT department.

The backing of the requests and the site changes will be provided in the most appropriate manner. The backlog of the requests will also be maintained in the most efficient manner. There are various tools as well such as scraming frog, ahrefs, SEMrush and so on which will help in providing measurements for the variety of search engine optimisation factors which will be helpful for the  ascertainemnt of the SEO of the website of the university or college.


Furthermore, it must be kept in mind to inculcate the mobile version of the website as it is better touse than the desktop version and the target audiecne is able to search for the same in the best possible way. The default version of the google will be able to create a better way for the rankings and will list it in the best searches for both the type of users.

The university content should always be mobile ready as it will help the students in better identifying the problems and will also help in generating better content and devloping the best techniques for content creation and better optimisation of the keywords.

For a better understanding, we have put up a mobile version of Monad University, Hapur.