Imagine yourself talking to a gorgeous lady who looks so formal and civil to everyone. Now, imagine how you would feel if you said something that made her smile. There’s that sudden rush of triumph that comes when you say the right words, and this leads us to our topic for today: what are the proven methods to make women feel connected to you? If you read the intro right, you can guess what this big secret is all about: communicating your desire and dealing with feedback from the girl.

Interaction is what makes dating exciting; and it starts as soon as you open up a conversation with her. Believe me, I’ve been caught in a situation wherein I can’t seem to find the right words to say to a woman. Even worse, I’ve encountered scenarios when women would turn away even after I’ve delivered the best pick up lines I know. I’ve learned a lot from these mistakes by realizing one crucial element in dating beautiful women: emotion.

Words that seem canned will not turn women on. At the same time, women will always be saying “here comes the pick up line” inside her head. Instead of banking on words that worked for other men, personalize your approach according to the woman you are trying to attract.

1. How can I make her feel special? Most men think that the only way to make a woman feel special is through physical contact. This may be true if she were your girlfriend, but not if you just met her and you’re hoping against hope that you will get to know her physically after that fated meeting. She won’t go with you if you don’t make an effort to make her feel your sincerity.

2. Play up the Irrationality factor. Once you’ve established rapport, it’s time to get her thinking of you in a different way. Do you realize just how many times a woman says “i can’t explain this feeling” to herself or to her friends? Irrationality is a sure sign that she’s mystified and undeniably hooked. Continue playing the mysterious card by expressing what she’s feeling out loud. Telling her that you cannot explain why you seem to feel closer to her than anyone you’ve ever met in the past, and meaning it, will make her feel the same. The unexplainable is more attractive than we think.

3. Lastly, learn how to be in control of your emotions when you’re around her. You’re human, and you feel lust, anxiety and even fear like anyone else. The trick is to be more in control of the situation than her. One of the techniques that you will learn soon enough is how to take the reigns of a highly emotional conversation and steer it in the direction you want.

By using these three techniques, coupled with proven hypnosis techniques, you will be able to develop emotional connections with any woman – and make her fall head over heels for you.

Source by Derek Rake