Any woman who has ever been in love with a Pisces man knows it’s an adventure unlike any other. These men are sensitive, emotionally open and when a man like this gives his heart to you, you have to cherish it. That’s why it’s so difficult when you go through a break up with a Pisces. You know inside that you’ll never meet another man like him. If you’ve lost the man you adore and you can’t fathom a future without the two of you together, you need to get to work winning back his heart. Learning how to get a Pisces man back is all about understanding how to appeal to certain triggers within him that will make him crave to be with you all over again.

Understanding how to get a Pisces man back begins with recognizing the need to right all the relationship wrongs you two have faced. You can’t expect him to want to get back together until the slate is clean and there are no longer any lingering issues between the two of you. You have to take the lead on this. You need to make amends for what you did in the relationship that contributed to the conflict. Apologize to him. Do it in a simple and sincere way so he can see that you’re genuinely sorry.

As you already know from your time with your guy, he loves to be cared for and nurtured. You obviously long to do that again and that’s why you’re intent on getting him back. Right now, he needs some space. He’s likely told you as much. You need to keep some sort of connection open with him though. Pressing him to get back together too soon won’t work so instead bring up the idea of being friends. This will allow you the opportunity to still be in contact with him while you’re nurturing a new and substantial bond.

Patience is key when you’re learning how to get a Pisces man back. He’s going to be wary of handing his heart over to you if you two went through a particularly painful break up. By showing him what a supportive and dependable friend you can be to him he’ll start to open up to you once again. Just be determined to be the best platonic friend you possibly can be to him. Once he sees that you’re someone he can always rely on and someone who has his best interest at heart, he won’t be able to help but to fall in love with you all over again.

Source by Gillian Reynolds