One of the challenges when opening a dollar store is to continually grow your store sales.  A secret to growing sales in your store is to increase the frequency of existing customer visits.  In fact the more frequently you can motivate customers to take the action of returning to your store the more your sales per existing customer grow during the year.  In this article I present how to get customers coming back every week when opening a dollar store.

Existing customers, especially those who have been with you for a period of time, know what you routinely carry in your store that they need.  However, most stores don’t establish specific days for delivery of the products they are most interested in purchasing.  Why not make it an event when items arrive?  For example, produce, groceries and the core consumables will always draw a crowd if the day for arrival is known.  Establish a specific day for the weekly arrival of those and other core products.  Be sure you are ready to quickly receive the merchandise once it does arrive.  Schedule trained personnel and have then ready to place those core products onto the sales floor as quickly as they are received from the vendor.

Always add a few surprises into every order. This doesn’t stop after first opening a dollar store.  It is a practice that must be maintained as long as you have the store.  These surprise items might be special purchase items with extra profit margins, or they might be new items you have never carried before.  Many vendors will offer closeouts, package changes, and overstock items at reduced prices to clear out their warehouse.  Create a buzz and make extra profit by being the first to order there items.  Prominently display them in your store.  Include proper signage to highlight the products.  You’ll be amazed at the response!

Don’t hold this practice to just one day of the week.  Repeat this same strategy with other core items on a different day of the week to really begin building sales volume.  For example, possibly consumables such as health and beauty items, household cleaners and paper products might arrive and go on display every Tuesday.  Then on Thursday grocery items arrive and are displayed.  Then on Friday, just in time for the weekend, snacks become the focus of the day.

When opening a dollar store it is relatively easy to expand this strategy across the entire week.  It just requires knowing your customers and their needs.  While groceries might be the spark that brings in one customer, another might be motivated for the arrival of health and beauty items.  Be sure to communicate the arrival day for the various key products to your customer.  Then start managing your suppliers and freight companies to those days.  You’ll be happy you did.

To your dollar store business success!

Source by Bob Hamilton