If you have been trying to think of how to get your ex girlfriend back but you cannot figure out what to say, there are some magic words to win her back. This might surprise you, but they are not I love you.  

There is a lot of advice that is aimed at helping guys like you get their ex girlfriend back, and they are pretty much the same. Using any good expert’s advice should help you get back the woman you adore. Of course, the easier and surest method is what you would prefer. You want it to work quick and assure you that you will be spending the future with the woman you adore. If this is what you want, then you need to know what words are the most effective and use them.

The reason you should not tell your ex that you love her is because in her present emotional state, she thinks you will say or do just about anything to get her back. If you tell her you love her, it will only make her angrier because she will feel that you are only using the words to get your ex back.

The words you must say to your ex girlfriend in order to get her attention is ‘I agree.’ Those are the most powerful words you can say when a breakup a occurs. When she tells you that she needs space or whatever excuse she may use to break up with you, just give her a big smile and tell her you agree with the breakup and add that you have been thinking the same thing for sometime, but you did not want to hurt her.

The reason this works so well is that she was expecting you to break down and start begging her to change her mind. When you smile and agree with the breakup, you are knocking her back on her heels and she will not be able to believe her ears. The news that you were wanting to break up with her will be as big a shock to her as her words of needing space were to you. Now, she will be confused as to who is breaking up with who, and she will feel the same rejection as you do.

If this action is taken at the time of the breakup, it can quite often head it off. But if it has been a while since the breakup, it will work just as well to turn the feeling of rejection her way. Just make sure to drop out of sight for a few weeks and have no contact at all with your ex. This will give her time to cool off and start missing you. Then call her and tell her that the breakup was a great idea and you want to thank her from keeping you from having to hurt her and end the conversation. This will have the same effect as if it were done at the time of the breakup.

Source by H. L. Archer