Ready to learn how to give your wife sexual pleasure?

So many positions to chose from and so many different techniques it can be hard to give your wife the type of sexual pleasure she craves.

I want to reveal to you three tips which will not only give her roaring orgasms, but bringing out her inner animal.

1. While performing sex in the missionary position, pull her legs up around her waist. You will be able to align your threats perfectly with her g spot. This will maximize her pleasure and allow you to get deeper. Keep in mind, you do not want to use long strokes, use rhythmic short strokes.

2. This may surprise you, but giving her a 10 minute foot massage with warm oils will trigger a response in you may of never witnessed. There are so many nerve endings in her feet and when you massage them she relaxes. Once she is relaxed it will increase her chances of enjoying the sexual stimulation you're about to begin.

3. The old standby is oral sex. But most men just do not get it. They dive down there and begin focusing on her magic button before she is prepared. You need to allow her clitoris a chance to warm up and her mind to focus on what you are about to perform. Take your time down there and use her inner thighs as a prelude to cunnilingus.

How to give your wife pleasure begins with using these tips and understanding her anatomy a bit better. Remember she has thousands of nerve endings in your erogenous zones. So go slow and be more delicate.

Source by RT Bucher