Although most men are content with the size of their testicles, some men wonder if it is possible to increase the general size of their testicles. Many men see bigger testicles as a sign of masculinity, and power. Men particularly are interested in not only larger testicles but a larger penis as well because they feel it completes the total package.

So, can you actually increase the size of them? It actually can be done through a surgery that is in its very early stages of being done. That doesn’t mean you can run right to the hospital to get it done now. It is still being studied and only performed on certain people. How the surgery works is that the surgeon inserts a small amount of fat to your scrotum to make it appear larger. The scrotum is actually an elastic sac that can stretch whether you have smaller or bigger testicles. The scrotum also moves in an up and down motion which helps with ejaculation.

When a man starts to age they often have the “shrinking” of the testicles which means that they do indeed begin to look smaller. Of course with the shrinking, it can cause a man to be embarrassed and often self conscious about still having sex with their partner. With this surgery though, the layers of fat cells are inserted to make it look significantly larger, giving the man back his confidence as well as the look of larger testicles.

Not enough long term information is available right now though, so they are limiting this procedure to men who are not interested in becoming parents, because there is no conclusive proof that this surgery does not stop or lower a man’s sperm count. Also, they are unaware of whether or not adding another layer of fat to the scrotum will hinder being able to find testicular cancer in some men. As the studies continue they are learning more and more about this surgery which gives hope to the men who would consider this a great option for them.

Source by Andrew W John