How would you like to kiss a guy for the first time, and have it feel completely flawless, effortless, and perfect? You see, while that may sound like a dream right now, the fact of the matter is that your dream of a perfect first kiss is about to come true! Read on to find out the 3 romantic tips on how to kiss a guy for the first time ….

Establish Physical Contact EARLY – Men will not feel comfortable kissing you, nor will they try to if they do not feel a physical connection between you. What this means, is that he should be able to touch you without you moving away or becoming uncomfortable, whether it is a handshake, holding hands, or even cuddling together as you watch a movie.

This is absolutely necessary if you want to be able to SUCCESSFULLY kiss a guy for the first time, as it paves the way for the actual kiss, so that nothing is "awkward". If he is not establishing body contact through your time together, you should make the move by becoming playful with him.

For instance: Tell him that his shirt is nice, but touch it gently as you are making the compliment. You can even joke that his shirt feels extremely soft, and then bring your hand back down across his arm till you are holding his hand. This is a minority way to establish a connection, and also leads him into the kiss.

Get Intimate With Him Through Words – The best way to lead into a first kiss is to make him mentally ready first. Hint that you like him and are attracted to him by flirting with him. This kind of verbal intimate draws a man in, because it boosts his confidence and also makes him feel wanted.

This sets the mood for the kiss, because every human being subconsciously feels the need to seek approval and acceptance from others, and by flirting with him and when you become intimate with your words, he will immediately feel extremely attracted to you.

Another trick is to ask him about his fantasies and desires, especially intimate ones. Get him to talk about his dreams and things which are very important to him on an emotional level. Getting him to open up this way makes him comfortable enough to be closer with you to begin with, which in turn leads him to want to kiss you and be more intimate.

Stare At His Eyes and Lips – When you stare at a man's lips you subconsciously hint to him that you are physically attracted to him and want to be intimate with him. This in turn leads him to stare at your lips, and finally leads him to want to kiss you.

Make sure you are always making direct eye contact with either his lips or eyes, because this forces him to become more intimate with you, and in the end will finally lead him to kiss you for the first time.

Source by Krista Hiles