Are there secrets to learning how to make a guy melt? Whether you’re trying to get the attention of a man for the very first time or just wanting to add some spark and romance to an existing relationship, making a guy melt can make you irresistible in his eyes. When you break down a man’s emotional barrier and make him feel an incredible attraction toward you, you can make him fall in love.

This article offers valuable insights you can use to make a guy melt.

The Things That Make Men Weak In The Knees And Open To Love

One of the first and easiest ways to make a guy melt is to use their own biological makeup against them. Men are extremely visually oriented. It’s not because they’re jerks. It’s not because they’re shallow. It’s simply their genetic makeup.

If you want to catch a man’s attention, take his breath away, and make him melt, then you should stimulate him visually. To understand what I mean, think of a man picking you up for prom and staring up the stairs as you walk down and he sees you for the first time. When you’re incredibly beautiful, he instantly feels a deep attraction and connection to you the moment he sees you. It can melt his heart instantly.

If you want to impress a man, you should always look your best. It’s not about being a model, and it doesn’t mean dressing like a prostitute. It means taking care of yourself and being as beautiful as you can be.

When you dress beautiful, you’ll feel beautiful and you’ll act beautiful. That combination will create the “WOW” factor that will stop him dead in his tracks. Knowing you did it just for him will make him feel even more incredible. Never forget the power you have over men when you use your amazing smile.

Big Actions Earn The Most Points In A Man’s Eyes

Another way to make a guy melt is to understand how men keep score. In a woman’s eyes, a man earns points with her every time he does something sweet. It doesn’t matter how big the action is. Giving her flowers, writing her a card, or buying her expensive jewelry all earn the same amount of points. It’s about consistency rather than size. But for guys, it’s different.

In a man’s eyes, a woman earns the most points with him when she does something big. She’ll score more points buying him tickets to a big sporting event every once in a while then she will by doing small things on a regular basis. Surprising him with big actions can help melt him and make him open to love with the most amazing, most incredible woman he knows…YOU!

Source by Derek Blandford