Want to know how to make money as a freelancer? Ever wanted to quit your job, set up a home office, and start working for yourself? Here's the thing – it's NOT easy! But if you'd like to make money as a freelancer, here are five important tips that will boost your chances of success.

Tip # 1 – Do not Quit Your Day Job.

Surprised? I know how tempting it might be to just quit your day job and start freelancing. But believe me, it's tougher when you quit your day job, start freelancing, and later realize it's not as easy as you expected – and you end up in an even bigger financial hole!

So here's Tip # 1 – do not quit your day job right away. Keep your day job, but start freelancing on the side, such as during your spare time and on the weekends. When you learn the ropes, and your income per hour freelancing becomes higher than what you pull down at your day job, THEN it's safe to quit your job and become a full-time freelancer!

Tip # 2 – Sign Up On Online Jobsites.

Online jobsites are websites where you can meet Buyers, or people looking for freelancers to do work for them. Many online jobsites accept freelancers of all types – copywriters, web designers, virtual assistants, illustrators, programmers, voice actors … you name it!

Some of today's more popular online jobsites include Guru.com, Odesk.com, Elance.com, GetaFreelancer.com, and others. Feel free to sign up – most online jobsites let you bid on freelance jobs posted by Buyers for free, although you'll land more projects with a paid account.

Tip # 3 – Create An Attractive Online Profile.

No matter which online jobsite you sign up for, make it a point to create an attractive public profile. If your online jobsite will not allow your profile to be shared to non-users, then put up your own website. You'll need to establish an online presence for your clients to take you seriously!

When you have an online profile (especially when it has an attractive domain name), you can then promote it by printing it on your business card or display it on your e-mail signature. As time goes by, more and more people will know about your freelancing services, and your reputation grows!

Tip # 4 – Create A Promotional "Buzz Piece."

What's a "buzz piece?" It's basically a document that generates "buzz" for your freelancing services. Many freelancers create reports of 5-10 pages that offer valuable information and promote their services at the same time.

For instance, a freelance graphic designer who specializes in helping small businesses create logos and company branding may create a buzz piece entitled "7 Ways A Good Logo Will Help Your Business Reach The Big Leagues," and pitch it to small businesses in his town.

If his buzz piece is any good, some of the small businesses he offers it to will contact him to design their logos for them. And if his clients are satisfied with his work, they may hire him to do even more work in the future, such as designing brochures, marquees, banner ads, etc.

The great thing about buzz pieces is that you can use them anywhere:

  • You can keep a PDF version on your online profile for your visitors.
  • You can offer it with your business card at networking events.
  • You can mail copies directly to companies and individuals who may need your services.
  • (Your next great marketing idea goes here!)

Tip # 5 – Keep Your Clients Happy.

Here's a freelancing secret – you do not become successful by getting as many clients as you can, but by keeping a few clients so happy that they keep sending more and more work your way. When you spend less time looking for freelancing work and more time actually DOING freelancing work, you make more money!

So keep your clients happy by delivering top-quality work on time, every time. Be a joy to work with, and always thank them for the business.

Now that you've discovered these five tips to make money as a freelancer, it's time to take the first step toward the freelancing lifestyle you've always wanted!

Source by Mike Madrazo