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Many people around you have either pains from their past that continue to hurt them or they have areas of their life that are begging for urgent attention. It could be a history of sexual abuse, a need for their lovers to be friends with them, financial problems and arguments, or any number of things.

You do not require a classroom training to help people solve their relationship problem. There are several resources right now that you can use to get you started.

Do you know that every day and every minute, several couples are filing for divorce? Do you know that several long term relationships break up over minor issues? Do you know that one of the partners involve in this issues want to win back the love they once enjoyed? Do you know that some of them want to get back their ex boyfriend, ex girlfriend, ex husband or ex wife again? You can see the vast opportunities if you decide to go into this niche to help!

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You can make money as a relationship coach when you help people solve their relationship problems. Most of all, you can be your own relationship coach and eliminate the marital distress in your own marriage.

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Source by Barbara Kingsley-Johnson