Yes, you can learn how to make money in real estate without being a broker or licensed real estate agent.
And if you learn the game well – you could be playing with the big money makers.

And yes you CAN do it Legally.

Creative Real Estate Investing is about buying, selling, and holding property for profit. Yes, yes I know there are lots of negative press about investors who are swindlers. Forget them. There are plenty of ethical investors making a bundle that are actually helping people out of tough situations.

Property at times can be a liability. Let's say your Aunt Clara leaves you her dilapidated ranch house in Florida. You live in NY. Hello headache. A standard real estate agent may not even waste time with this property because there is not enough money in it.

Hello – creative real estate investor. An investor would be happy to take the shack off your hands. You get money and the house is out of your name. Happy you.

The investor may then rehabilitate the house, sell it for profit, or keep it as a rental property. Everybody wins. There are a number of investing techniques anyone can learn. The best part is that it is possible to get started with absolutely no or little money. I know because I've done it.

Educate yourself before you jump in the pool. Some creative real estate investors specialize in a niche. Possible niches are foreclosures, wholesale, ugly homes, pretty homes, commercial real estate, mortgage notes, tax liens, trailer homes, bank notes, and no money down deals. is a good place to start your research.

Creative real estate is a great home based business. Word of advice – learn the business and act with integrity. There are plenty of opportunities to help people who are suffering with genuine housing issues. It is just wrong to take advantage of anyone. However if you do the homework, the extra income could be rolling in really soon.

Source by M. Harmon