Want to make money doing nothing? It is easy as pie! Here are the 6 simple steps you need to take:

1. Turn on your computer. It is easy to make money online … just turn open your mac or PC.

2. Go to Google.com. This is the site that makes everyone loads of cash.

3. Get a snack. This is optional, but a sandwich might be nice.

4. Sit there … or just take a nap. Your choice, but it is cool to make money while you sleep.

5. Watch the money roll in. Check your email and go to the bank and see how thousands of dollars have magically appeared in your bank account. That was easy right? Now just repeat the process.

6. Get a reality check.

Seriously. It sounds funny, but everyday people turn to the internet believing that they can get rich fast. Unfortunately, this is not possible … and you can not make money doing nothing (except of course you are a politician).

People want to turn on their computers and get rich without having to do anything. And they get depressed when they find out that this is impossible. There are lots of scams out there to trick people into believing they can get rich overnight, but these are just scams that will rip you off and turn you away from the internet.

The good news is that it is definitely possible to make money online. There are stay at home moms making a full time income online, and there are a select few who have been doing internet marketing for a while and are making thousands each day.

The bad news is that you do have to work. There is no magic way to get rich overnight. You can make money online, but you need to put in some effort. You could make money with surveys, but you have to spend time filling them out. You could do freelance writing to get some extra cash, but you do need to write.

The best option is affiliate marketing. It will take some time to learn how to do this, but it is worth it if you really are interested in making some money.

Almost every online store (Walmart, Amazon, etc) has an affiliate program you can sign up for. But you will need some training to learn affiliate marketing techniques. These techniques are free so you do not need to spend any money to make some. All it takes is a few hours each week to start making some decent money online.

Source by James Neff