No matter where you turn, there is somebody out there looking for a way to make money Forex trading.  Unfortunately, not too many find success, if you go by the statistics.  In fact over 95% of people who try Forex trading end up losing money. That’s a pretty big gap between success and failure.  What’s the difference between the haves and have-nots?

It’s all in the approach.

If you were ask the average Joe whether they way to learn to trade Forex, they will most likely say yes.  But I think most of them are lying.   I say this because there are a ton of traders who don’t want to do the dirty work and are looking for a shortcut.  How else would you explain the reason why there are so many of these Forex trading robots being sold to people.  If that isn’t a definition of a shortcut, I don’t know what is?

If you are one of these kind of people, I wish you the best of luck. I can understand why you would want to the shortcut.  After all, who wouldn’t want the rewards without actually doing the work?  But just so you know, this is not how that elite 5% of successful traders treat the market,  So while the 95% are looking for shortcuts, the 5% are treating it like real business.

If you want success, it’s imperative that you learn how to analyze the markets.  Whether it be technical analysis or fundamental analysis, work must be done on your part so you can have a strong comprehension of the markets.

Source by John Temp