The forex market, and any other market for that matter, behaves in either one of three ways: trend, breakout and counter-trend. The many forex courses I have taken usually teach you very good techniques to exploit trading opportunities within a particular trend or breakout pattern.

Depending on the forex course you take, your enter and exit strategy will have a lower or higher success rate. However, regardless of the winning trades percentage you may achieve with any of the traditional forex courses and strategies, you will always be confined to trends and breakout patterns.

The only problem with these strategies is that they leave out the biggest piece of the pie: the counter-trend. As you know, the forex market runs 24 hours a day and within that period you may have just one or two (and in some cases zero) good trading opportunities, as you have to wait for a trend or a breakout to form, thus making it impossible to profit from the market when these patterns are absent.

Therefore, the key to increasing your chances of making profitable trades everyday, and therefore achieving the consistency necessary to really make money forex trading, is having the training and know-how to interpret and take advantage of the market when it is on counter-trend status.

There are many trading tools and resources that have proven reliable enough to help you achieve consistency in any market condition, so whether you like to manage your trades on your own or you are among those more comfortable using a software, you must be prepared to identify market patters and take advantage of each and one of them.

Source by Richard Ackerman