Fundamental number 1: Do you know who your readers are and what they want?

This is very simple yet hard to answer question because I finished writing it in one line yet you would need a great deal of research and efforts in writing the answer to it. I do not want to make it sound complicated, so let's get into a simple example. Do you know your wife or husband? What's the connection? Guys, you do not get paid for being in a relationship, Right! At least, mostly we do not.

However, in spite of spending months and years with your partners in most intimate ways, we do not know how to sell them our ideas on relaxing, shopping or even food. Am I right or am I right? I do not want to gloat as I am a fellow searcher. However, you must understand your readers well enough to know what you can sell them before you start selling them.

Fundamental number 2: What is your investment in it?

The most successful people have made a lot of investment in their chosen election before it turned profitable for them. Be ready for mistakes, people because you need to make lots of them before you get success. You must learn and experiment with the business models, monetizing models, themes, SEO and content. The only constant element should be a genuine urge to help your readers. It works better than selling. When you have learnt consistently with the trends of blogging industry, you would have financially viable blogs.

I believe that there are a lot of details in those two that you would need to work upon. If, somewhere in your brain blog you are clicking on those points saying I have learnt everything and done everything and yet it's not working then turn that upside down. Dear, there is so much to know, learn and experiment with in our industry that even the most successful bloggers do not walk with that attitude.

As we jump into more crude elements of MMO with blogging, we must firstly understand that these are ideas in general. Do not pick the first one you like and apply it. You must research it heavily ie more than just reading one article. Find out few details. What kind of business models are working successfully in your industry blogs? Why is it a profitable stream of revenue for them? What would be the most helpful form of business and monetizing model for your blog? Then hit the action button.

Making Money Online models that deserve your attention are as follows:

Advertising models:

Somehow people need to understand that random selection of these models would not be the ideal way of creating income generation models. Firstly, you must understand them through research them. The only criteria to understand these models are well enough, when you can distinguish biased promotions and actual data about these models separately. I believe in some smart research before action. Understand your vantage points and challenges to create the profitable combinations of money making models as your income generation strategy. All I can provide is few initial individual points for basic insights on all the models from where you can start your application to your blog.

Advertising models:

There are various advertising models which reap great rewords if applied to suit your readers. Whether you're creating a Google AdSense model, advertisements for text or flash links or in-content ads like Chitika, you must understand find the best model for your readers.

The types of advertising campaign:

There are various types of ad campaign models, which can create a good source of income if the ads are relevant and value additions to your site and for your readers. The list of internet advertising models is as follows:

* Pay per impression:
These are well controlled model, which are generally chosen on the basis of your readership. These models would be suitable. The most important point in this scenario is to remember that cost per impression model reiterates to cost per thousand impressions as the industry jargon.

* Pay per click:
This advertising model allows the advertiser to pay the blogger on the basis of number of clicks on the site. These models can be based on the flat per month rates or bids as well. Google, Yahoo, MSN and other PPC providers get you in contact with numerous advertisers so you get the option of choosing advertiser suitable to your blog's content, concept and readers.

* Pay per lead:
This kind of internet advertising model is not used in every industry. Only certain industries are appropriate for this kind of advertising model. For example: insurance, loans, real estate and high end advertisers who would be able to work with these leads. If you have a blog focusing on some of the high-end industrial areas with few readers, this is right model for you.

* Pay per action:
This is extremely valuable form of internet advertising as in case of bringing relevance through certain strategic action plan to readers, blogger and advertiser. It can be a win-win situation for sure. Although the ratio of the action is lower than PPC or Pay per thousand impressions, it is more productive model as it is giving definitely interested and active readers to the advertisers who would be buying. So it makes up in the costing.

Content based advertising models:

There are various types of models you can create from this kind of system. However you must be careful to select it with clear thought, precision and benefits to your readers. Somehow, in the process of selecting models, bloggers end to forget that these content based models work with the trust of the readers on the blogger. There is no way to push your money making advances without considering the readers and their comfort. You must note the types of content based models for individual worth before inserting them in your blog.

* Pay per post
These types of money making requires you to register yourself upon PPP sites and apply for the 'opps' ie opportunities made available by the advertisers with their list of requirements. As long as the subject and requirements will not jeopardize your readership, you would be able to write industry-specific and reader-specific content; you will not find a reason to not make it profitable.

* Reviews:
There are a lot of companies that invite you to write reviews about the websites, products and services in your area of ​​expertise. As long as you have an eligible blog and the authority, you can write a review and get paid for it and also provide value to your readers.

* In-text advertising:
It is a form of contextual advertising, where certain keywords from your content are matched with advertising or informative links in form of pop-ups and the hyperlinks on the text. The payment model is generally on the basis of the cost per click.

Marketing models:

There are other sources of making money through your blog. These efforts would take a lot more time and would give more more credibility and results if you continue. However, it is essential to not consider these money making models as the only important part of your blog. They should be the part of big picture, which says that your blog brings value to your readers with or without these sales. if you are going to use these models effectively without offending the people who are not pursuing them, then they can be really worth your time and energy otherwise it is much more easier to stick to abovementioned models.

* Product selling:
Create your own product like and e-book, a tutorial, online counseling on your area of ​​expertise, webinars, personalized treatments and actual products or services referring to your own industry. The list can be endless and very creative. It can add a lot of value to your blog and readers. The key is to do it without offending or annoying the readers who are not in position to use them. The more services you offer for free, there is an opportunity for you to create a greater customer base of people who want your products or services. If all you do is selling, no one is sticking with you because this technique damages your "All I want is money." attitude does not bode well with any of the readers.

* Affiliate marketing:
If certain advertisers in form of affiliate marketing are found beneficial to your industry or the core content of your blog, then this method has been demonstrated to show steady and productive growth. The most important aspect is to understand that that affiliate marketers of any web-based businesses and your readers have to see the link of relevance. For example, if you are a literature blog, Amazon affiliate could be applicable option. However caution must be taken to not push wrong buttons of your readers. You must credit intelligence and choice to your readers while attempting to make money through blogging.

* Donations:
There are bloggers that may have issue with this kind of system. If you do, then you will not be able to project it with honor and authenticity. It is essential to not just drip the link in the corner of your blog. You must motivate to do it for reasons that would suit your readers. You must not sound need or desperate in your attempts. That is a non-negotiable part of monetizing your blog through pledges.

I have few ideas that would give you some vision in terms of promotion as enlarging your readership or generating traffic is the best way of fastening your results through any of the money making tools you would be choosing. These last few ideas would help you take a few actions that would impact your bottom line more than you know.

1. Credibility: Build credibility for your blog and your name as an online expert in your field. Your content should be professionally written ie no grammar or spelling errors. You should be adding your passion about the subject in your every post through uniqueness of your ideas and the help you are providing to your readers to come back for more. This means you should express your dedication to blog, your readers and your goal ie serving your readers better each day.

2. Activity: Do not wait for your blog to reach the height of success to upgrade your blog to the latest technological advances. If you are not as updated as the best-of-the-industry blog, then you would leave your readers with that impression that the blog and the readers are not important enough for you to keep yourself in touch with all the ways to reach them . So stay active on the relevant forums, facebook, twitter, stumbleupon, LinkedIn etc. Comment post on the other blogs that would give you not only links but also new associates from your own industry with what you can exchange links and write guest posts as well.

3. Commitment: There are times when all you need to say is that I can get back to you on that one. Instead of showing off your expertise all the times show your interest in your readers and their requirements. You should be working harder while reciprocating to the readers who are spending the quality and quantity time on your posts. You would have to select your peer bloggers and readers cautiously for that. However, your perseverance and willingness to follow through on the concerns of your readers is not optional.

That's it boys! I want to wish you all the best for this exciting and challenging journey because your efforts in making money online would lead to success, reputation and peaceful productive working environment for you, where you can make your own choices in life. Rock it, boys!

Source by Kurt Vang