Explaining ways to make money from golf in an article of around 500 words is quite a challenge, as there are so many!

I'm going to stick to 3, including the one I use, so let's get stuck in …

Firstly, you could set up your own golf site.
On this site you could sell equipment of all sorts, from buggies to clubs to balls, from tickets to championships to memorabilia, books and dvds.
The major plus to this is that you would get to keep all the profits, but the downside is that you've got to set up and maintain the site, and invest upfront in stock.

Yes, it is possible to earn a very large amount of money like this, but I do not do it myself, and do not recommend it, because of the large investment required, plus the fact that you are competitive against all the sites that are already established.

The second method is the affiliate model.
Anything sold online, and golf is a great example, usually has an affiliate program.
This means that you send traffic to the company's site, but to a link embedded with your own tracking code.
When anyone then buys from the site, the company gives you a stipulated commission.
People have made fortunes online from this model, and golf is indeed a good market for it.
The upside is that you do not need a website, or any upfront costs.
It can be started literally for nothing.

The downside is that you only get a percentage of any sales, plus there are many other affiliates out there, who have lots of experience of already doing it.
That's great for the company, not so great for the affiliates.

The third method is the one I use.
The psychology behind all selling is that you provide what people want, not what they need.

To play golf, you * need * a set of clubs, but you want a set of Titleist or Wilson, spending on the bigger name brand.
To watch the major championships, you need a tv, but you want to go in person, spending on travel and entrance tickets.

So, the method I use is to provide people in the golf market with information, telling them how they could pay for all those expenses for free.
The amount earned depends on time put in.
It's possible to earn a full time living for sure, but even if you just want to pay your green fees forever for free with the method, that's not bad is it!
You get to keep all the profit, you do not need a website, and it can be done for free, so it combines the upsides of the first 2 methods.

I use this technique to make money from golf, others use it, and hopefully you'll realize that there is no reason why you can not too, for only $ 7.

Source by Gordon Bryan