The need for extra income is becoming higher and higher due to the present days financial position. How to get this extra income can prove difficult as most of us have families or partners so we do not want to have to spend more time away from them doing a second job.

One way around this course is if you are able to make money from home, so spending time at home with your family but still working and earning money. The problem with this is many people do not know where to look and those that do are told so many lies that decide not to bother.

It is hard to find legitimate work from home opportunities because of the number of people that do not tell you the truth, but that should not make you believe all work from home opportunities are scams.

Two methods of learning an extra income working from home are paid surveys and affiliate marketing. There are also methods such as dropshipping which can also earn you money but is more costly to get started and if you do not have a reliable wholesaler it can be very easy to loose all your money straight away.

Paid surveys are the easiest and simplest way of earning money working from home, but do not expect the kind of mind blowing sums some of these sites claim you will earn. They will bring you a nice little sum each month which will help those who are only after paying a bill or a deposit on one item or another but don 'expect to be able to quit your day job.

Affiliate marketing is a much more flexible work from home method. I would recommend purchasing a helpful guide to affiliate marketing rather than going it alone but basically you make leads for a company to sell their product and sometimes earn up to 75%. You can put as much time and effort into affiliate marketing as you wish but the chance is their for you to earn a limitless amount of sales then money.

People may moan that they have to pay an initial fee for paid survey sites and affiliate marketing guides but the people who run these sites have to make an income too to make up for the time they spend giving you the support you need.

Affiliate marketing and paid surveys are the two methods I would recommend for those wanting to make money from home and dropshipping is also an option worth considering, do not even bother with data entry schemes these will give you nothing.

Source by Adam Bradley