Knitting has always been a popular pastime for men and women. Not only will it keep your hands youthful and healthy but it will also keep your productivity high when you've decided to park your behind on the couch for the remaining four hours before you go to bed.

Health benefits aside, knitting can be a very valuable pastime and can save you a ton of money every year.

If you're a knitting fanatic but are not sure exactly how to put your creations to good use, we suggest reading the facts below. Here, we have listed three ways to make money from this hobby:

1. Keep It. If you decide to make hats, mitts, socks, sweaters, scarves etc. With your knitting skills, they can actually be very valuable on their own. Think about it, you've pretty much just made your own wardrobe. You save all the money you could have spend purchasing all of those items of clothing and you've made your own at a fraction of the cost. That extra money saved could be put to good use somewhere else.

2. Give it Away. We realize that giving away your merchandise does not really seem like a good way to make money but it really is almost as good as turning a profit. If you give your knitted items away as birthday presents, Christmas presents or any other types of gifts, you're actually saving the money you would have spent purchasing gifts for these occasions. And, while you're not actually earning an income from the item, the money you saved from purchasing these presents will end up increasing your bank account by the end of the year.

3. Sell it. Selling your items is the fastest way to turn a profit from this pastime. Unfortunately, it's not always easy to do. First you have to find people who actually want to purchase your goods, then you have to find the time to keep up with the demand of your customers. The good news is, when you have a balance between the two (having customers and the time to make the merchandise), you can make a lot of money fast. Wool is relatively inexpensive and most people are willing to pay quite a bit of money for the clothing.

If you're selling your items, make sure you analyze your prices carefully. Charging too much is a fast way to lose customers and charging too little will make it difficult to turn a profit. We suggest taking a look at some of the knitted items online to see how much they're being sold for. We also suggest working out a price with your client before you begin doing the work.
Hopefully the many hours you've sent knitting can now be put to good use. But hey, knitting is a fun pastime, right? Additional cash is just icing on the cake.

Source by Alexis Brunswick