With the invention of the internet it has become easier and easier for people to make money from nothing. The old idea that you need money to make money is being proven wrong everyday as entrepreneurs make money (and sometimes a lot of money) from scratch.

My mentor always said to me that the difference between a poor person and a rich person was not the amount of money in their bank account but the words they used. Rich people use words that makes them richer, and poor people use words that makes them poorer. Your words are extremely valuable and the way you use your words can often determine whether you are rich or whether you stay poor.

We are now living in the information age and words have become even more valuable. The quest for more and better information means that people are willing to pay money (and often a lot of money) for your words. People do not buy books for their paper content, in fact the paper content of a book is fairly worthless. But the words in the book give it value. It is your words that allow you to make money from scratch, and if you use the right words you can make a lot of money.

Information does not cost money to create, only time. If you have a computer then you can easily create an information resource that people are willing to pay for. You can then sell information in the form of an ebook, an audio program, a video series or even a traditional book without requiring any capital to begin. Book can be printed on demand, meaning you are paid first and then the book is printed for your customer, and ebooks do not even need to be printed, they just need to be stored online.

Everyone has a story to tell and everyone is unique. You are 100% unique and you have wisdom and knowledge that other people would be willing to pay for. Robert Kiyosaki is the perfect example of someone who makes money from his words. He wrote the book Rich Dad, Poor Dad and he now makes money from a variety of books he has as well as audio teachings and video tutorials. Words are powerful and words gives you the ability to make money from scratch.

Words do not cost you anything. It does not cost you money to say words, or words to write, but words can have value.

An example of words making you rich is how the wealthy use the words asset and liability. Most people classify an asset as something you own that have monetary value, although the rich have a different meaning. In the most simple terms the rich see an asset as something that puts money in their pocket an a liability is something that takes money out of their pocket. By knowing the difference between these two words the rich can make a lot of money from scratch by using other people's money to purchase an asset that generates them income.

Every thing that we use on a daily basis started as an idea, they started from scratch. The computer you are reading this on once did not exist. It started as an idea in someone's head, and then from that idea it was created. Words were used to create it. The person with the idea of ​​the computer had to express the idea in words to investors and programmers and electrical engineers. It was the words that made the computer possible. Without words it would not exist.

The same is true for the wealth in your life. You can bring great amounts of wealth into your life just from your words. You words can earn money from investors to fund a business idea, your words can help you leverage the banks money to buy an asset, your words can even be sold in the form of a book or audio series. Words allow you to make money from scratch.

So if you want to make money from scratch look at the words you are using.

Source by Ryan Mclean