Part of the secret, to knowing how to make money, is in knowing how to leverage your time and efforts.

Henry Ford put it well. He said, "I would rather have 1% of the efforts of 100 people than 100% effort from one person." If one person goes off sick, nothing gets done. If 100 people are doing a little, a lot can get done – and 100 people never get sick all on the same day!

The idea of ​​leakage is central to business success. Conventional businesses use leakage. The boss can not do it all. But he can hire a hundred to do the heavy work, and the boss still takes the lion's share. Such is life.

You might think that system sucks – I mean some poor guys at the bottom slave for years, and the guy at the top gets all the benefit. Not fair, you say. Exploiting the little guy you say. True.

What if the guy at the top only gets money by helping the guys below him to make money? That would be different – helping others to achieve their goals so that you can reach yours. Cool.

This is the modern concept of network marketing. In this marketing model, you only make money if you help others to make money. Network marketing is the most modern and efficient distribution system in existence. Manufacturing and wholesaling and retailing have so many drawbacks and only survive because the strong control the weak. In this case, it's mostly the powerful retail chains that dictate the rules of the game to the wholesalers and manufacturers. Guess who takes the lion's share of the profits? You guessed right, the retailer.

So manufacturers have been looking for years for ways to distribute their products cheaply. How could they avoid massive advertising budgets and not have to wag their tails at retailers? The answer lies in network marketing.

In traditional network marketing a friend tells a friend who in turn tells another friend. So, by word of mouth, the sales volume grows. To make it worthwhile, the manufacturer offers a generous commission on the sales, which otherwise would have been squandered on advertising. The downside is – how many friends want to join you? How can you persuade others to join you? This is the Achilles heel of traditional network marketing. You have to persuade, because you are trying to sell an idea. People do not want to be sold.

People love buying and being in control. They hate being pushed into some money making scheme and fear being scam victims – one more time. So, modern network marketing has turned the industry on its head. The leverage comes by using the power of the internet to attract people who want to buy into the idea. Bingo – but you need to learn how to make money this way. You can choose just to make extra money, or make money fast. No matter, you need a system to leverage your efforts.

A brilliant marketing team has developed a system where you too can learn to do this. Go check it out and put leverage to work for you and your family.

Source by R. Bruce Neill