You want to know how easy it is on how to make money on Internet? Making money online does not have to be hard but some people want to complicate things. In this article we're going to simplify things and this is all you're going to need to make some extra cash or if you're serious like me, you can start a full-blown business by promoting ClickBank products.

Step 1 – Pick A Hot Product

Pick a product that's popular and is already selling and make sure that it's in the evergreen category. Evergreen category involves health, wealth, happiness and love. It would be great if your product will solve problems of desperate buyers or will give pleasure to fanatics.

Step 2 – Setup A Landing Page

Actually you do not need to have your own website to start promoting products. You can use free sites such as Squidoo, Blogger, Weebly, WordpPress, etc. Read the merchant sales page so you can get an idea of ​​what you can put on your landing page. Most of the time you can get some promotional materials at the affiliate section of the vendor's site so be sure utilize that.

Remember to outline the benefits of the product and not the features. Your customer does not really care much about what your product has but they're more interested on how the product will make their lives easier and more fun.

Step 3 – Drive Website Traffic

The most important step and one of the reasons where beginners fail to make money online. After everything is setup, you have to drive targeted website traffic to your landing pages. One of the most effective ways to drive in targeted traffic is by using article marketing.

Source by Joel Herrera