Have you ever wondered how to make money selling on eBay? Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned Powerseller, one technique that can work for you involves making your items unique. It involves going the extra mile to create a product that has no competition.

There are many way to accomplish this task. Those who know how to make money on eBay are limited only by their ingenuity. The following examples will provide an idea of ​​some of the creative techniques that you can use.

o Create a Special Report

This strategy works in many niches. If you're a little something extra about the niche (or the product that you are selling), simply create a short report. Share you knowledge with buyers of your items. A great way to add interest to a report is to include some interesting details and information that you have found through research. Many buyers will come back looking for your future items when your special report includes interesting and unique bits of trivia.

o Create an e-Book

While a special report may require only one or two hours to create, an e-book may require many hours to create. However, the value of an e-book is much greater. Adding a relevant e-book can easily add $ 20- $ 40 in perceived value for prospective buyers. Remember: The e-book must be written about a topic that is strongly associated with the item that you are selling.

o Place in Special Packaging (ie a basket or a decorated box)

This strategy works especially well when you item is a potential gift. It also works for a leader spectrum of items during gift-giving seasons. Simply locate an inexpensive wicker basket or an attractive decorative gift box and place the item (s) inside. Be sure that your photos clearly display both the item and the basket or box, and call out the extra packaging in the description.

o Include a bonus

A strategy that works well is to include a bonus item at no cost. The bonus item needs to go along with the primary item well. It must make the offer seem bigger and better. An example might be to include two washcloths with the two bath towels that you are selling.

o Include a complementary product

Including a complementary product is a variation on the bonus product idea. You are adding a product that can be used with the primary auction item. Using our bath towel example, you might add two bars of fragrant soap to the two bath towels.

o Offer Gift Wrapping

Offering to gift wrap an item prior to shipping can also be an effective way to stand out from the crowd. Free gift wrapping for birthdays or during the holidays can add value to your product, yet really costs very little (Especially when you buy wrapping materials at discount stores or in bulk.) And takes very little time and effort.

Your goal is make your items stand out from the crowd. Your items become unique and only available when purchased from you. Those who know how to make money selling on eBay know that unique items stand out from the crowd.

To Your eBay Success!

Source by Bob Hamilton