The Empire Formula Stage! Start With Nothing … Follow the Formula … Hit the $ 300,000 sweet spot. Do you have a passion for a particular product and want to use that passion to make money online?

Using these 4 simple steps. Nothing held back! You can start your own online empire formula.

Step 1

If so, you have the first principle beat for making money online. The best way to start marketing online is to use that strong emotion for a particular product and / or service to your advantage! Your enthusiasm for your product gives you the drive you need to learn more and share how great that product is with the world! This is Called the market formula Passion + Interest + Big Competitive Market x Data from Research Tools = Your Niche Market

Passion makes it easier and more interesting for you to do the investigation for the facts that you need to learn to be successful.

It is true that many online entrepreneurs are so good at what they do (market products for profit) that they ignore passion because they have learned how to sell anything. Before you get to that stage you have to pay your dues!

Step 2

Too many people jump in the online marketing game before they are ready to get started. Please do your homework. As with any profession one must learn, study and understand what they are doing before they can be successful. You do not go into a profession you know you will not enjoy. If you hate water you are not going to be a fisherman! As with any business venture there has to be something in it for you! This is called the Product formula Competitor Research + Type of Product x Automated Development (Outsource) = Empire Product # 1

Along with your passion of a particular product you also need to have some eagerness and devotion for learning how to market online. It does not happen overnight. You do need to put a lot of energy and thought into this business.

If you have that burning desire to work from the comfort of your own home, the research skills and discipline to learn and grow this business you will not have to punch a time clock and you have a tremendous opportunity to make a TON of money.

Step 3

To be successful you must also have a good website, good marketing, widespread advertising, effective keywords, etc. This is called the Marketing & Traffic Formula Free Traffic + Paid Traffic x Sales Funnel = Empire Building Sales.

Step 4

This all Results in the list empire Formula which is Leads List + Customer List x Strategic Promotions = Diversify & Explode Empire Revenue. Internet search engines are a great resource to learn about the Internet Marketing industry for business opportunities, USE IT! Find a product or service you are excited about and use that excuse to give you the energy to promote that product online. Start moving forward with your online marketing business today!

Source by Nick Torson