Let's face it: in the world of affiliate marketing and Clickbank, sometimes it's easy to fool ourselves. It's easy to be busy and think we're taking action and working, when in truth we're not producing results.

When it comes to being a Clickbank affiliate, remember this formula: Productivity = sales.

Bottom-line: your job is to sell your chosen Clickbank product. Your job is to make sales.

Any activity that is not productive, any activity that has nothing to do with making sales, is stealing money from you.

How do we monitor our activities? How do we make sure we're doing only those things that lead to a sale?

The biggest thing is to beware of our activities and tasks. We need to constantly ask ourselves, "Is what I'm doing right now leading to an immediate sale?" If it's not, then stop the activity.

Now you're saying, "Okay, Brad. I get it. But what activities lead to a sale? What activities should I do?"


Do only those activities that lead a prospect to your affiliate Clickbank website.

That's it. That's your only job. That's being productive.

How many productive activities do you do everyday that leads prospects to your affiliate website?

Think about it. When you sign up to be an affiliate for Clickbank, one of the cool things is, as an affiliate, Clickbank supplies you with the product to sell and the website to sell it. Your job is only to drive traffic to the website and hope people buy the product. If they do buy the product you make a commission check. And that's the goal, is not it?

In my opinion, Clickbank is still the greatest and easiest opportunity on the web. Just concentrate on productive activities – activities that drive traffic to your affiliate website and make sales.

And remember the formula: productivity = sales.

Source by Brad Thurston