The Internet recently got a new exciting type of websites which are making serious money for hard working freelancing and home based people. These are called the gig websites and they are places where normal everyday and professional people post what mini job they would do (gig task) for $5. The $5 was the initial offer but now competition started to offer other sites with variation values ranging from $5 up to $100 dollars and maybe in the future this price will go as high as $1000. People offer many kinds of services, from making logos to building blogs. The secret to make money with these job tasking websites is to offer great services, work hard, and deliver everything as fast as possible and always on time as committed when you originally posted your gig.

Some jobs that have a high demand are the jobs related to IT and Internet. For example, the demand for high quality links for websites and blogs is amazing. If you have a blog with a Page Rank of 3 or more you can sell links to other blogs. Blogger will benefit from the Page Rank and the traffic. Another job that has a high demand is article writing. You can easily get several orders per day however calculate accurately how long it will take for you to write the articles and the time it will take to research the topics.

To start working you need to post your gig. Most gig websites have a box on the home page where you can post what you will do for a specific amount of money. You click on this link and post a new gig. It is here you will need to tell everyone what you can do, you will simply need to write a description of your service. This is critical because it will mean the difference between an order or not. Explain your service carefully and how you will do it. As an article writer (for example) explain how you write the articles, which tools you use and where you are going to research the topics. It is highly recommend you use proper language format, have no misspellings and use proper punctuation not just on a posting for writing but all gig task listings. Just double check your posting because remember, you are competing with others displaying similar skills. You do not want to lose an employment opportunity because of a minor mistake or, your sloppiness comes into play during a process of candidate elimination. After posting the gig don’t just sit back waiting for the customers to roll in; help you and your website platform by letting people know any way you can about your presence and skills and employability.

Source by Ronald Hudkins