Are you struggling to get more visitors to your business opportunity? The reason I ask is because this is the number one reason people fail in this industry. They join an opportunity and get REALLY excited to start making money from home. When they see that no money is being made, they get upset. Is this you too? Do you know that getting traffic (visitors) to your website is not that hard? Seriously!

When it comes to getting traffic and sales to your business, it's all about the relationships you have. Relationships are what determine your success. You need people to drive the traffic for you. This is exactly how I do things. I pay people to drive traffic to my websites for me. I can not tell you how magical it is to watch people join my business without ever talking to them. Heck, I do not even know who they are. This is the power of leverage.

The article you are reading right now is exactly what I mean by leverage. I wrote this article once. It brings people to my website. They decide whether they want to work with me or not. I tell you, it's a beautiful thing. And guess what? You can do the exact same thing. But there's something else I want you to know about first.

You need an automated follow-up sales system. Whoa! That was a mouthful. So what am I talking about here? In other words, you need a system that will explain what your business is all about to your prospects. This system will do this in an automated fashion. You do not have to monitor it. You do not have to hold its hand. This is the secret to making money online. If you ever wonder how these people you see in the magazine ads are making so much money, this is the secret.

When you have a good system in place, everything is so much easier. You'll start to get multiple sales every day. You'll make money while you sleep. I'm not joking. But there is one more thing you need. You need the visitors. You need to get the people to the system. Once you have the system and the people to the system, you'll have 100% of the equation. And this equals success. So how do you get the people to your sales funnel?

Start marketing your business. Write articles like this one to get people to your sales funnel. Purchase paid advertising packages to get people to the system. Do whatever it takes to get more people to your auto-mated sales funnel. This is the secret ingredient for success.

Source by Chris Campbell Jones