New to the game? Do not know how to make WoW money? Well asking in chat how to make some gold is not really an option as the World of Warcraft players seem to have a zero tolerance towards noobs. You need to be able to get whatever you need on your own and not count on anyone. To help you do just that and answer your question on how to make WoW money, I made this little report describing the methods I use.

The Auction House

This is the place where you can put anything for sale that you think is worth something. Here are some tips to make sure your stuff gets sold. First off, always put a buyout on your items. If you are selling stackable items, then try and put full stacks or multiple of 5. If you are posting something for sale and there are not other items that type, do not put some insanely high price because if you do that, they wont get sold. What you can do if you have several items like that is put one for a very high prices, and the other for normal prices. People need to make comparisons when they buy something, so by doing that you will sell your stuff faster and sometimes even those items you planed as decoys with high prices. This method can certainly answer the eternal question on how to make WoW money with very little effort.

Grinding The Right Mobs

Before using the AH you need to get some items. There are many types of monsters to kill for loot, but you will want to go after the humanoid ones. These are the only ones that drop a large variety of items, from crafting ingredients to rare equipment. When you get to higher levels, you can go and look for some Elemental mobs to kill. Those drop some specific elementary parts which are used by designers and can sell for pretty nice amounts of gold. You can find many elementals in Wintergrasp, the new battleground area in WOTLK. You should not bother selling green stuff (common). Stack those up and when you have a few bags of them, have an enchanter disenchant them and sell the stones you receive from them. Those will be worth more than the items themselves

Gathering Skills

As you level up, you should get a gathering profession as well. It can advance in levels as you do and if you combine it with the right crafting profession you will gain immensely. For instance, mining is a very lucrative profession that works well with both engineering and jewelcrafting. Leveling up a gathering and crafting profession is a must in World of Warcraft, and yes, it is an answer to the how to make WoW money question. A very good answer that will bring you very nice profits.

If what I told you was not enough and you are still wondering how to make WoW money, more money, then you should seek the guidance of a gold guide. Before you get one, though, make sure you read some reviews. Reviews are made by those who actually used them and you can learn a great deal about the guides just by reading them.

Source by Evan Scott