Being in web development for the last 7 years, I have often been asked about making a web site for a friend or family member just as a personal site or for a simple business site.

Generally, to have your own web site hosted by a reputable hosting company, you have to prepay for one year and if you want to add or increase features the costs add up. This could include added storage space for files, amount of traffic allowed per month and other options.

But, did you know that there is an opportunity to have your own affordable web site developed and on the internet in 24 hours?

Yes! There is a company that offers a complete hosting package including a software program known as a web site builder that even a beginner can start designing professional looking web pages.

Everything you need to create web pages can be accomplished through the web site builder and you can have up to 10 personalized email addresses that you can access through the Internet web mail. Or you can setup your email using a software program called Outlook Express. It also has a picture gallery that you can upload pictures onto your site. Setting up a site is never easier, especially for a family if they wanted to create online photo albums for relatives, or for special events like weddings, anniversaries, vacations, birthdays, etc. The most attractive part of this hosting and web site package, is that it is only $ 10 US per month and you are not locked into an annual contract or have any initial setup fees. You can cancel the service at any time.

The only difference is the domain name extension.

Have you ever heard of the dot WS domain?

For example, instead of

If you have not, that's OK!

Let me give you a brief history on the dot WS domain.

The dot WS domain was originally intended as a country domain for a little island about 1,600 miles north of New Zealand called 'Western Samoa', since the named extension dot 'WS'. In 1998, companies and people worldwide were buying up the dot COM domains at an incredible rate making it much more difficult to find a desirable domain name with the over-crowded dot COMs. At the time, two gentlemen named, Michael Reed and Alan Ezair saw that there was definitely a need for a secondary top-level domain. Examining all the other country domain extensions, for example, dot US for 'United States', dot AU for 'Australia', the dot WS domain was the focus domain for 'Web Site'. Since then, the dot WS domain has grown in popularity and increased demand. In less than nine months, after offering the dot WS domain to the global community, they had 100,000 registered domain names! This is where Global Domains International (as known as GDI) was born and handles all registrations for the dot WS domains.

Ok, then how do I make money?

An incredible opportunity is available for having a dot WS domain. You do not only have a registered domain, your own web site, and up to 10 email addresses for only $ 10 a month but if you bring others to register their own domains, you will make money from their referrals and it can go on and on. For example, if the people that you had mentioned bring in more people and register, you will make even more money. Registering is a simple process because even if a dot WS domain name is already taken such as with many dot COM domains, there is a list of similar dot WS domains you can choose from.

Source by Bradley Jacobsen