How to market you Party Rental Business 

I often get all sorts of junk mail with every trip to the mail box. What use to be a walk of excitement and expectation has been reduced to nothing more than an additional trip to the trash can in order to dump the junk mail.  I have to admit that every now and then I do come across interesting pieces of junk mail but those items are few and far in between.

As I started the process of planning my market strategy for the upcoming year, I sat and pondered over the effectiveness of direct mail. Sure there are some companies that have made a living using only direct mail like The Publisher Clearing House, but how realistic of an option is this for a birthday party rental business?

I decided to conduct a case study and was amazed at the results. We mailed out 100 hand written addressed mail outs and the phones started ringing off the hook.  The insert was a very simply flyer in black and white that announce a cotton candy special for $199. What was most shocking was the calls were coming in immediate after the customer opened the envelope.

In this day and age consumers are bombarded with nonstop advertisement 6 days a week therefore investing in a direct mail out is as risky as a River Boat Casino. Here is the one advantage that we do have in the party rental business over every other spammer out there; unlike the other guys the consumers actually likes us. In the advertising world we are actually the good guys. I know you’re probably asking how a spammer can be a good guy when consumer hates spam.

Your mail out is only junk mail if the customer doesn’t have an immediate need for your product.  In our business every child has a birthday party coming up, even if we have just missed it. People like us, they love our product and that is because we deliver excitement for children. To my amazement the under age children in the home would get a hold to the mail out and all of my selling was accomplished at the moment. Even if you have just missed one of the kids birthday chances are there’s more than one child in the house which makes your product relevant.

If you are going to survive in the party rental business you are going to have to be creative, and think outside of the box. Whatever you think will not work using a conventional thought process most defiantly will work with the right creative spin. We eventually moved away from hand written envelopes to a glossier two page full color brochure. The brochure was full of colorful pictures of our unique party castles and waterslides through the pages. The color brochure proved to be a better investment of our marketing dollars because the moment the brochures hit the customer hands it started the road to the sale.

Before you invest in a direct mail out there a few things I want you to have in place before your material hit the streets.

  • The ultimate goal of your mail outs is market saturation therefore you branding massage should be very clear and refined.
  • Know you pray – Just as a pack of Lions studies a heard of buffalo and selects a target, you should have the same precise marketing strategy for your direct mail out campaign. Start with a mail out within your own zip code in order to measure the response rate, and then start targeting the surrounding areas.
  • Strike the pose – Every one of these brochures represents your organization therefore please make sure you are sending out your very best presentation. I much rather you send out a smaller qty of a dynamic brochure then to send out massive amounts of junk mail.

The party rental business is the world’s greatest business and our customer love to receive updates on the latest additions to our inventory. An effective direct mail campaign is a great way to display your inventory as well as separate your party rental business from your competition.

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As always remember “If you inflate it they will come”

Tyronne Jacques – Bouncer Boss

Source by Tyronne Jacques